Edible oils industry benefited from training


KARACHI: Consul General of Malaysia in Karachi Mohamad Ismail Bkri recently hosted a dinner for the Alumni of Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) particularly those who had attended the Palm Oil Familiarization Programme or POFP, organized by Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).

Malaysian palm oil products are export-oriented commodities and an important commodities for Malaysian export revenue. With this in mind, enormous efforts have been undertaken by the government particularly through the MPOB with the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia to further promote Malaysian palm products to the international buyers and policy makers. Therefore, a special program under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) which is the Palm Oil Familiarization Programme or POFP in short has been organized since 1982. As the name suggests, POFP aim at familiarizing and exposed participants of POFP to the whole spectrum of palm oil industry in Malaysia.

Pakistan is one of the most important trade partners for Malaysia and these two Muslim countries enjoy good relationship. Therefore, Malaysian Government place great importance to Pakistan and a total 97 Pakistanis had attended POFP since 1982. In fact, based on our record, number of participants from Pakistan in POFP for last 34 years is the highest compared to other countries like India and China.

Efforts by the Government of Malaysia, the industry and also by MPOB have been put in to ensure that Malaysian palm oil remains as the major product in Pakistan edible oil industry. It is therefore timely that an event like this be organized to further strengthen our relationship with alumni of POFP from Pakistan which could be considered like our palm oil “Ambassador” to disseminate accurate information about Malaysian palm oil to the other fellow Pakistan friends and relative.

The dinner was held at the DHA Golf Club and numbers of leading businessmen particular those having trade with Malaysian has been invited beside the alumni of POFP.