Educated youth strength of country: JI

LAHORE:Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has declared the educated youth as the real strength of the country and highlighted the need for their more and more representation in the parliament.

“Young educated people should be part of parliament to put the country on the path of development and get rid of the corrupt feudal and capitalist class ruling over the country since its birth,” he said while addressing Capital Youth Expo in Islamabad on Tuesday.

The Islami Jamait Talba organized the event under the title “Roshan Hay Jahan Apna- Bright is our world” at Pakistan-China Friendship Center.

The JI chief said the days of the present rulers were seemed numbered because they failed to show any performance in any sector and people were ready to take to street to oust them. To avoid the wrath of the public and protests, he suggested, there was no issue if the country went for mid-term polls.

Siraj said the only job of the government was to open ‘langar khanas’ and distribute free food among the people standing in long queues. He said the government was blindly following the policies of the IMF without paying any heed to the problems of common people who had lost their buying capacity and unable to afford even two times meal in a day due to inflation. He said the government made a major cut in allocations for education and health, pleasing the international lending agency whose only mission was to enslave the people of Pakistan. He regretted that majority of the people in Pakistan had no access to clean drinking water in this modern age of science and technology. But, the government was proud of its ‘performance’ showed in reports of IMF and World Bank.

He said the corrupt elite were ruling over the country for seven decades and their only job was to plunder the national resources and stashed the money in foreign banks. To get rid of the mafia, he said, the educated poor and middle class must come forward to bring about real change in society.

He expressed grave concern over the pathetic and weak stand of the rulers on Kashmir cause. He said it was the only JI which mobilized the people on Kashmir since the day the Modi government abrogated the special status of the held region. In continuation of the ongoing campaign, he added, the JI was holding a Kashmir March in Islamabad on December 22. He appealed to the people to ensure participation in the rally to express solidarity with their brethren.

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