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Education in jeopardy as SMC funds could still not be released across Sindh

July 11, 2019

LARKANA:Sindh government’s claims of imposing education emergency seem to have failed as the provincial rulers have so far failed to release School Management Committees (SMC) funds to schools in the province despite passage of seven months.

Due to the delay in funds’ release, all principals and headmasters of the schools are facing problems in running their respective educational institutions. Day today affairs, including cleanliness, stationary, cold drinking water facilities, payment of monthly electricity bills etc, have been badly affected.

According to a report, all schools working in six divisions of Sindh are awaiting release of funds to run their organizations properly. The school education of all six divisions of Sindh, including Karachi, Sukkur, Larkana, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Benazirabad, has been affected. The affected schools include Higher Secondary Schools, Secondary Schools, High Schools, Middle Schools and Primary Schools.

The principals and headmasters are facing difficulties in discharging their duties diligently as they have to procure stationery, get ceiling fans repaired, arrange cold drinking water for students, clear monthly power bills, and pay stipend to sweepers to maintain cleanliness in their schools.

The washrooms of many schools have become so dirty that the students and their teachers cannot even pass though them due to severe bad smell.

The Sindh government is fixing SMC funds through Reform Support Unit (RSU) of Education and Literacy Department which are dealing the entire system and are responsible for resolving complaints and other related issues. The funds are directly disbursed in the bank accounts of relevant principals and headmasters which were closed in December 2018, but they could still not be released despite start of new academic year in May 2019.

Summer vacations have also ended and schools reopened despite scorching hot weather, but funds, which were due to have been released in January 2019, could not yet be disbursed, causing tremendous hardships to the education managers in running their schools properly. Irony of the entire issue is that district education bosses are even unaware of the issue as if they are still in deep sleep.

Larkana’s District Education Officer (Secondary), Akhtar Ali Korejo, told newsmen on Thursday that he was unaware of the problem because it was the job of RSU. He confessed that unavailability of SMC funds would certainly create troubles for the school heads.

On the other hand, District Education Officer (Primary), Nawab Ali Khokhar, claimed that no complaint had so far been received by him against non-receipt of SMC funds from entire district which seemed he was a very dreaded officer as no HM could contact him to readdress the issues faced by them. He also accused RSU of discharging its duties timely and efficiently.

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