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Envoy: (Arab countries important pillar of Pakistan’s foreign policy: Former Envoy)

February 10, 2019

ISLAMABAD:Former Ambassador to UAE Asif Durrani commenting on Prime Minister Imran Khan visit to Dubai said World Government Summit provides opportunities to enhance technology and investment in the world.

It also provides opportunities to enhance business activities. Commenting on Pakistan and UAE bilateral relations, Asif Durrani said Pakistan has significant role in the development of UAE.

Presently, both countries have a bilateral trade of 7 billion dollars. Moreover, Pakistanis working in UAE are sending annual remittance of 4.5 billion dollars, which will increase in future.

He said Arab countries are an important pillar of our foreign policy and Pakistan has significant interaction with these countries in defence, trade and economic sectors.

Asif Durrani said present government is further strengthening its ties with the Gulf States, which is welcoming. He said UAE investors can invest in Pakistan but I think first the local investors increased their investments, it will enhance the confidence of foreign investors.

To a question about visa facilities, he said it is a good step of the incumbent government to promote tourism in Pakistan, he urged the need to provide facilities at tourist resorts keeping in view the cultural background of visitors.

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