Establishment of hemophilia treatment centres in Sindh urged


KARACHI: Renowned Hematologist, Dr Zahid Hassan Ansari said Monday that no treatment facilities are available for hemophilia patients in Sindh’s hospitals and there was urgent need to establish hemophilia management centrse across the province.

Talking to PPI, Dr Ansari said hemophilia is genetic blood disorder and a number of such cases had been rising day by day in Pakistan. He said there was no national level data available about the disease but an estimated 17,000 people were suffering from it in the country. He said there are two types of such diseases – hemophilia A and hemophilia B.

He explained that hemophilia is a genetically transferred disease due to deficiency of factors VIII & IX, which are responsible for clotting of the blood. He said most of the patients grt bleeding even after getting minor injuries, specially blood collected internally over the joint which leads to swelling, pain in joints and make them disabled.

He said death ratio in patients with hemophilia disease is low as compared to thalassemia patients. He said hemophilia patients should be given proper attention and sympathetic consideration in providing them treatment facilities, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

He said due to lack of health facilities and unskilled medical staff, hemophilia diseases could not diagnosed on time; therefore treatment of hemophilia patients could not be possible in such circumstances as there was no treatment facility available in government hospital of Sindh

He urged the authorities concerned to establish hemophilia management centres across the province as treatment of such patients is very costly.