Exhibition held at Govt Pilot School Larkana


LARKANA: Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) of Lahore in collaboration with Alif Ailaan organized a science exhibition and festival at Government Pilot Higher Secondary School here on Wednesday.

Interesting and fascinating experiments were demonstrated in this exhibition for the benefit of students and their teachers to enhance their knowledge. These experiments include small world from microscope, chemical reactions like golden rain, elephant tooth paste, shapes from LASERS and dancing sands.

A lecture on basic astronomy was also delivered in order to introduce knowledge about the outer space to the students. These lectures and scientific demonstrations will surely make their impact on the minds of the students to start thinking about their world and the phenomenon that are happening in the nature. Due to lack of interest by the Government in their schools, 90% of school laboratories are nonfunctional.

The deputy commissioner, Larkana, Javaid Ali Jagirani, deputy director education Nawab Ali Khokhar, Principal Deedar Ali Mugheri, Sikandar Ali Kalhoro and others attended the science exhibition. Representatives from Alif Ailaan Umar Aurakzai and Junaid Ahmed Dahar were also present. Almost 600 students from Govt. Pilot Higher Secondary School and Govt. Saint Joseph High School attended the event.

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