Expanded section of Services Hospital not opened as yet

KARACHI:The newly completed block of Sindh Government Services Hospital Karachi has not been opened for government employees despite lapse of several months, sources at SHK told PPI on Tuesday.

The construction in the new block was started five years ago with the aim to increase bed capacity in the hospital and also to facilitate Sindh government employees; however, the new building is not opened for government staff even despite its completion.

The plan to shift orthopedic department, laboratory and other departments in this block has also delayed due to unknown reasons. The old wards and residential buildings of hospital are in dilapidated condition and need urgent repair.

Another ground-plus three storied building of Services Hospital was handed over to Prevention and Control Program for Dengue in Sindh (PCPD), Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program (BBSYDP) and Chemical Examination Department of Sindh by Health Department Sindh, thus expansion of Services Hospital went delayed.

Medical Superintendent, Services Hospital, Karachi, Dr Ajmal Mughal was not available for comment.