Fake cases lodged against me: Haleem Adil

Karachi: Fake cases were lodged against me and other political workers by giving a wrong color to the incident of Ibrahim Haideri schoolgirl, charged Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sindh Senior Executive Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh.

In a statement here Friday, he said that Rao Anwar alleges that Naqeeb Mahsood case was highlighted on social media because Haleem Adil Sheikh was booked in connection to the Ibrahim Haideri incident.

Haleem Adil clarified that Ibrahim Haideri incident and Naqeeb Mahsood murder were two separate cases and they should not be intermingled. He said the PTI has always raised strong voice for the oppressed masses and continue to do so.

Haleem Adil claimed Naqeeb was murdered in a false encounter and we strongly condemn his killing.

About the schoolgirl matter, he said video clips are present in which the SHO Ibrahim Haideri, parents of the affected girl and area people had recorded their comments, saying that the guard of the private school had tried to sexually assault the minor girl. He said; however, instead of lodging a case against the school guard fake cases were lodged against him (Haleem Adil) and other political workers. He said if the minor girl was not attacked why Sindh home minister Sohail Anwar Siyal visited her house and said that they would not spare the culprit.

He said a case should have been lodged against the alleged molesting attempter on the minor girl, but due to political vendetta false cases were lodged against him and other political workers. He said the video clippings of people present on the scene of crime are present but still the police are giving a wrong color to Ibrahim Haideri school case. He said local PPP leaders were involved in getting lodged fake cases against him.

He appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to order separate inquiries into Naqeeb murder and Ibrahim Haideri school case.

He said the PTI and civil society condemn the killing of Naqeeb and strongly demand that Rao Anwar and his team should be suspended before initiating the probe on the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.