Friday, December 2

Farewell party hosted for IGP AD Khowja

KARACHI: CPLC Sindh Karachi hosted a reception to bid a farewell to AD Khowaja, former IGP Sindh, and welcomed Amjad Javed Saleemi as IGP Sindh with gratitude.

The reception was attended by AIGs, DIGs, SSPs including Deputy Chief CRC, CPLC Zonal Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and members. Chief CPLC Sindh Zubair Habib welcomed the guests for attending the reception. He talked about the professionalism of police force, especially he applauded the work done by former IGP Sindh AD Khowaja during his tenure.

He said he worked vigorously for every department in his organization, there were many trying moments during his tenure but he kept his head high and continued to excel during turbulent times. Transparent police recruitment, revival of the police welfare board and enhancement of grants for the families of slain policemen, outsourcing of Madadgar 15 police centers and making 100 mobiles available for emergency response were one of his achievements.

Saleemi praised the work of AD Khowaja and said he set a mark to new coming officers. He also said he was stable as rock and showed how to stand in front of the system. He shared his opinion and said that he served very gracefully and the way he had taken the police force was an example. “I can never replace AD Khowaja.

Khowaja gave deep gratitude to CPLC on such a beautiful evening. He mentioned few things to his successor. He had an advantage because he have been working in this province for long time and he had bond with this province but he said among all the organizations CPLC is one of the department which won’t let you down.

In concluding remarks, Chief CPLC Sindh said in addition to having a strong track record, Amjad Javed Saleemi is well suited to continue developing the police department’s personnel.