FCA denounces Engineering Council’s dictatorial policies


KARACHI: New policies of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) are against the PEC Act and are creating enormous problems for the construction industry in development and economic activities, said Federation of Contractors Association (FCA) Chairman Naeem Kazmi while speaking at a press conference here at Karachi Press Club on Monday.

City Contractors Association Chairman Kamran Narenjo and Sindh government Contractors Association Chairman Siraj Mando Khel were also present on this occasion. Kazmi said: “The construction sector and its activities are considered as one of the major sources of economic growth. The construction and engineering services industry play an important role in the economic uplift and the country’s development, but unfortunately, construction sector is one of the most neglected sectors in Pakistan.

Kazmi said that Chairman PEC Jawed Salim Qureshi had finalized the licensing “Policy 2017” for constractors and operators in violation of PEC Act. He said Qureshi had issued an order according to which fresh graduates who graduated in 2016 will acquire supervisory license.

He further said that in one more order by the chairman PEC, contractors with or without any project in hand will have to hire such an engineer holding supervisor license in order to get his firm registered with PEC. He informed that any contractor, who gets the license, is already an engineer with regular license employed in his firm. Kazmi said after this order, even the smallest contractors should now hire at least one fresh engineer with supervisory license. He termed this policy unfair and called it financial murder of the community. “These acts and orders are not constructive and will disrupt the industry,” he added.

FCA chairman further said that this forced employment by the chairman PEC was non-constitutional and had been enforced against the law, and he had also increased the registration fee. Kazmi demanded of the authorities to suspend the PEC chairman and an investigation should be carried out against him according to clause 30 of PEC Act.

“If the government don’t give any heed to our demands, we will stage a protest demonstration to stop the financial murder of contractors,” said FCA chairman. He also threatened to stop execution of the projects in Sindh.

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