Thursday, December 8

´╗┐Fehmida Mirza meets Shadow Minister for UK Parliament

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination, Dr. Fehmida Mirza met with Naz Shah, Shadow Minister for the UK Parliament in the minister’s office, today.

The dignitaries talked about how important a role sports plays in maintaining peace in the region. The federal minister also stated that gender sports are very important to her and has been the prime focus lately. The government is in the process of formulating policy level changes in sports as the federal government is responsible for broader guidelines though autonomy prevails.

Both agreed that sports diplomacy is very important when it comes to international relations. The minister said that awareness about sports in Pakistan is essential. And though it is commonly understood that cricket is the most played in Pakistan, the reality is that football is the most widely played sport of our country. It was suggested that the UK Sports Board and Pakistan Sports Board make collaborative efforts for the betterment of sports in Pakistan and develop deeper diplomatic relations. Conclusively, the dignitaries shared thoughts about deepening cordial relations and the importance of peace in the region through sports.