KARACHI: The first-ever textile faculty show was held at Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi’s Clifton area on Wednesday. The show was curated by Seveen Zaki Muneer, Shehnaz Ismail, Imrana Shahryar, Mohammad Umer Rehman, Seveen Zaki Muneer, Samia Usman, Nausheen Faiz, Madiha Raza, Humera Tareen, Sana Maqbool and Asiah Seemab.

Often used in Urdu poetry to create the illusion of passages and exploration, the word dehleez brings to mind the entry into something new at the show. Translated directly to mean a threshold, this notion was the spirit and inspiration behind the first ever Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Textile Faculty Show. The concept aims to bring audiences at the dehleez of observing the artists’ work and drawing connections with the personal journeys that are represented through each piece. Dehleez: A threshold of a home, of pain or anything else and is sometimes loosely used to mean entrance of a home as well.

Our multifaceted Textile Faculty has united to showcase their individual talents, each through a thought provoking, expressive and relatable single piece. Blending the lines between textile and fine art, these 10 mixed media artists have come together from every branch of creativity, ranging from fashion designers to weavers to artists, furniture designers and more.

These expressive and dynamic talents have used the tools of their choice to create their narrative with textile design and its principles as the backbone that intertwines them all. With a strong undertone of textile mediums and materials holding a dominant presence in each piece, the work leaves room for viewers to be at the threshold of understanding and taking away from it what they can.