Fowzia welcomes rejecting aid at cost of honor

KARACHI: Aafia Movement Pakistan leader and noted neurophysician of the country, Dr Fowzia Siddiqui, said on Saturday that rejection of the humiliating aid was a welcome development and has made the whole Pakistani nation proud.

In a statement, she said that the ‘Caravan e Ghairat’ launched for the release of the daughter of the nation has been continuing. Men, women, elders and children are contacting us from different areas of the country to express solidarity for the cause of Aafia and their support further increases our faith and confidence in this just cause.

She said the national honor was compromised by handing Dr Aafia over to America. She said innocent Aafia had already completed 5400 days in illegal detention. She asked if each day being spent by Aafia in the illegal detention was not a dishonor for this nation.

“The matters of honor and dignity should not be limited to the material aid. The government should play its role to safeguard life, property and honor of every citizen. Due to the unity of nation, Aafia will soon return home. We will make our beloved country Pakistan a great nation of the world,” she concluded.