Girls school electricity unavailable since 10 days in Naundero


NAUNDERO:Over 2000 girl students of Government Girls Higher Secondary School are facing electricity issue since past ten days but there seems nobody to resolve their problems.

The school has 3-phase meter with all the dues clear but the supply given to the school from one Pole Mounted Transformer (PMT) which has been closed for theft by other residents.

The principal of the school has tried her best to get alternate supply from another PMT which is installed far away but has miserably failed despite repeated requests to local Sepco authorities. Now reports said that she has asked teachers to donate Rs 500 each to purchase new cable to get the power cable but the teachers have refused her.

This girls school should have been provided proper solar system long ago by the education department bosses but since they have no interest in girls education therefore they continue to ignore schools and students across the province. The citizens have urged the present ruler to take notice of the issue and order redress of the minor issues so that girls education continues unhindered in this sizzling heatwave.