Thursday, December 8

Good quality faculty is essential for imparting education: moot told

ISLAMABAD: The 22nd Vice Chancellors’ Committee meeting was held Sunday in Islamabad. The meeting, chaired by Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Chairman, Vice Chancellors’ Committee adopted a resolution that said: We welcome the appointment of Dr. Tariq Banuri as Chairman Higher Education Commission and resolve to work together for promotion of higher education under his leadership. Students are the primary stakeholders for higher education and we all must protect the right to quality education for all students.”

The resolution said good quality faculty is essential for imparting quality education, and helping our students compete at global level. It said efforts are needed to ensure availability of quality faculty for public and private sector universities while the government must allocate four per cent of GDP for education with at least one per cent for higher education to increase the access to university education, enhance its quality, and ensure wider socio-economic impact on society. More responsible autonomous universities with monitorable, reportable and verifiable system of governance is essential.

The resolution further said: “We demand that there should be no external interference in university affairs. HEC must conduct trainings leading to improved governance and financial management in universities. Evolve a transparent higher education system by utilizing information technology for good governance and quality education delivery. Ensure gender parity in faculty, student enrolment and appointment of university leaders.”

“HEC should support the development of learned societies in all fields, including Humanities, and Basic and Social Sciences, so that country can produce scholars of international eminence. We request HEC to review and streamline its operating procedures in order to enhance service delivery,” the resolution concluded.