Governor, CM messages of Eid Day


QUETTA: Day of Eidul Azha is not only day of delight for entire Muslims but it is also reflection of unique unity and solidarity of Ummah.

This was stated by Balochistan Governor Mohammad Khan Achakzai in his message on Eidul Azha being celebrated Tuesday.

Governor said during Haj and Eidul Azha Muslims irrespective of creed and colour from all over he world gather at Kaabatullah and bow before Allah Almighty.

He said this is also day of renewal of sacrifices, love and tolerance for the Muslims which reminds us unique sacrifices Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah and Hazrat Ismail (AS) and gives us lesson we must remain ready for sacrificing our money and lives for the will of Almighty Allah.

He called upon the people not to forget poor, orphans, widows and deserving people while celebrating eid and help them as much as possible and join them in their happiness so that they could also celebrate this religious occasion nicely.

CM: Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri in his message said owing to Quetta incident we are still in state of mourning. But like a living and brave nation we have proved to the world with out courage that terrorists cannot be frighten s of their coward acts.

Paying salute to relatives of martyrs he said we once again assure them that they are not alone and entire nation was sharing their grief.

He said Eidul Azha gives us lesson of sacrifice, patience and tolerance. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) decided to sacrifice his loving son in the way of Allah. Sunnat Ibrahimee demonstrates Muslims do not care for any precious thing like their children to sacrifice in the way of Allah .

Zehri said prevalent situation also demands we should get united against terrorism being committed in the name of sectarianism and ethnicity and be ready for every sacrifice to defeat extremism by maintaining complete unity and solidarity among our ranks and files.

He appealed to the people to celebrate eid with simplicity and keep care of those people who have no resources to celebrate eid.

Both Governor Achakzai and Chief Minister Zehri have extended greetings of Eid to the nation particularly people of Balochistan.

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