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Governor, CM Messages on May Day

QUETTA: Workers are backbone of industrial and economic development. This segment by dint of its hard work day and night is potent sources to increase country’s production. Islam has also admitted greatness of workers and has ordered that their wages should be paid before their sweet dries up. Keeping this importance of working class in view government takes measures to ensure their welfare and dignified status in society to improve their economic position.

These views were expressed by Balochistan Governor in his message on May Day being observed Monday.

He asked workers they should also work with honest, hard work, dedication and play their role in country’s prosperity of country and nation so that our country also catches with other developed countries of the world.

Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri present is government of workers and common man and it is not mere slogan raising but it has taken practical step to improve their condition, reforming their organisations and betterment of discipline and people of Balochistan were observing this.

He said provincial government has fixed minimum wages of working class at Rupees 14 thousand and Labour Department has been directed to make all the departments in the province bound for payment of this wage.

He said ob serving May Day is aimed at paying tributes to workers of Chicago and repledging commitment for continuing struggle against end of exploitation of man at the hands of man.

He called upon workers that they can play active, constructive and progressive role for stabilizing their organisation respecting their work .

He said along with Economic Corridor Free Trade zones are being setup a t six sites in Balochistan which would create immense avenues of employment and there will be demand of skilled manpower. It would be our effort to ensure provision of employment of people of Balochistan in the Economic Corridor projects.

He said this fact cannot be denied that workers and labourers, kissans are backbone of economy of any country. Societies which recognized this have made strides and development in the economic field.

He said a comprehensive labour policy would be finalized shortly and would b e move din assembly for legislation for welfare and security of workers and labourers.

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