Governor lauds services of Hakim Said

Karachi: Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair has said that Shaheed Hakim Said was a true patriot and he served the nation in various capacities with utmost devotion and dedication.

This he said while addressing at corporate rebranding of Hamdard and Hakim Said Awards held at Mohatta Palace. Chairperson Hamdard and daughter of Shaheed Hakim Said, Ms. Sadia Rashid, was also present on the occasion.

Governor Sindh said that Hakim sahib was a remarkable physician, renowned scholar, trustworthy educationist, eminent philanthropist and in each category his services are second to none. He also served the people of the province as Governor and set examples of simplicity and austerity in this capacity, Governor Sindh added.

He said that relentless services of Hakim Said for the humanity and country are unforgettable and are a source of inspiration and motivation for all of us.

Hamdard, a sapling that was once planted by Hakim Sahab has grown into a fruitful tree serving a large number of people within and outside the country, and it proudly and rightly represents our beloved country in many parts of the world and is contributing to the national exchequer by earning foreign exchange, he observed.

Governor Zubair said that it is very unfortunate that Hakim Sahab is not amongst us but his legacy continues to impact the lives of many of us.

Governor Sindh further said that his family especially his daughter Ms. Sadia Rashid, has taken the responsibility of continuing the mission of her father and is performing very well which is a great achievement on her part. It is commendable that Hamdard has taken initiative to reward the heroes of Pakistan who have served this country in their respective fields and it could not have been done better rather than by decorating them with an award by the name of a remarkable personality of this country, he added.

He also lauded the initiative of rebranding of Hamdard, given how the brand has been a part of our lives for many decades. The fresh image of the brand reflects the creative input and hard work of the team, he opined.

While highlighting the endeavours for maintenance of law & order and bridging the gap with regards to energy shortage, Governor Sindh said that efforts of the Government have been successful in both the fields. Due to strenuous efforts of government, conducive atmosphere for investment has been created and the financial hub of the Country is returning towards its past glory, he added.

Governor Sindh said the he has conducted many road shows abroad to promote the case of Pakistan. During his visits to USA, UK, UAE and Qatar the real picture of investment portfolio was presented before foreign investors which is far different from the perception they were having of Pakistan, he concluded.

Speaking on the occasion Chairperson Hamdard Ms. Sadia Rashid highlighted the endeavours and future plans of Hamdard and pledged that her institution would continue to carry forward the mission of Hakeem Sahab.

Shaheed Hakim Said awards on the occasion were given to prominent personalities on the occasion.