Govt Girls Degree College Ratodero’s construction in doldrums


LARKANA: The construction of Government Girls Degree College, Ratodero, was started in 2010, but it could still not be completed despite passage of eight years.

In the recent general elections, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PPP’s Women Wing’s President Faryal Talpur won national and provincial assembly seats from this constituencies but it seems that both are unaware about the incomplete work of girls college due to which education of girls is in doldrums.

The cost of the building is Rs 10 crore but the contract was allegedly awarded to a blue eyed person who has left the work incomplete resulting in wastage of hard earned taxpayer’s money. It is well known fact that the drainage of Ratodero city is also in shabby condition due to which sewage water has hit the under-construction building of the college which will ultimately damage its foundations.

The residents have alleged that a gambling den has occupied the building and Ratodero police has done nothing against them despite knowledge and education department is already under deep sleep since last 10 years which has done nothing except ruining the future of Sindh’s youth.

It was also learnt that there are only two Subject Specialists (SSs) for about 700 girl students in Government Girls Higher Secondary School in Ratodero, which include one male for English and other female for Sindhi but there are no SSs for most important subjects of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. No equipment in science laboratory and shortage of classrooms forced the government to launch new Girls Degree College but all in vain so far. Political and Social Welfare Organizations have demanded of the rulers to take notice of issue and order completion of the building so that education of hundreds of girls is not risked.

Regional Director, Colleges, Larkana Region, Liaquat Ali Ghangro, said that very little work is remaining for which only Rs 2 – 3 million are required which Sindh Government should sanction immediately. He disclosed that work of Girls Degree College of Madeji is also incomplete which also require same amount. He said SNE of the Ratodero and Madeji colleges have also been approved and studies will start once the buildings are handed over to them.

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