Govt takes several steps for promotion of Pakistani products at int’l level

Islamabad: The Government has taken a number of steps for promotion of trade and marketing of Pakistani products at international level.

According to spokesperson of Commerce Ministry, Free Trade Agreements with Thailand and Tunisia, bilateral trade Agreement with Nigeria, and preferential trade agreement have been initiated.

Moreover the Free and Preferential Trade Agreements with China, Malaysia, and Indonesia are also being reviewed to make them more effective and favourable for Pakistani industry.

Indonesia has agreed to unilaterally grant market access to Pakistan on 20 priority tariff lines while new concessions under the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement will provide a boost to Pakistani exports.

Free Trade Agreement talks with Turkey once concluded will expectedly increase Pakistan’s exports to Turkey upto one billion dollars in one year.

The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan also organized around 146 International Exhibitions abroad during the year 2016-17, where Pakistani exporters displayed their products to the foreign buyers.