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Govt urged to promote entrepreneurship in Pak youth

November 15, 2019

Karachi:The government should adopt right policies, which are helpful to promote the concept of entrepreneurship among youth of the country, the Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi, expressed on Friday at the ceremony of “DICE Virtual Innovation Competition-2019” organized at the Arts Auditorium by the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization of the University in collaboration with the DICE Foundation of the United States.

Around 70 teams pertaining to different teaching departments, research centres, and institutes of the KU took part in the DICE Virtual Innovation Competition-2019.

The team of Department of Food Science and Technology secured the first position for its presentation related to innovation of a form of plastic, which is capable of getting dissolved in the water.

The team of Computer Science Department secured the second position, which is capable of extracting water from the water vapours in the air. The team of Department of Botany secured the third position for producing a new form of chemical-free insecticide from the peel of bitter gourd.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi said on the occasion that sizeable portion of Pakistani economy comprised of the youth as promoting the concept of entrepreneurship would enable them to get viable opportunities of livelihood.

He said that promoting the concept of entrepreneurship in any society also helped advancement of the national economy and reduction of the poverty among its people.

He said that the professional education enabled any person to fully utilize the creative potential carried by him or her.

He said that viable environment should be given to the business organizations of the country so to enable them to grow for the sake of growth of the Pakistani economy.

He said that economic situation had been getting transformed around the world at a fast pace as the economy and education being imparted in any country should be inter-linked with each other as doing so would only ensure the national progress.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi congratulated the winning students of the competition and also appreciated their creative talent displayed through their inventions presented in the competition.

Also speaking on the occasion, Director Intellectual Property Organization Pakistan Syed Nasrullah said that inventor of any new innovation should get the opportunity to get the invention patent in his or her name.

He said that people around the world had become billionaire on the basis of their small inventions as they got the opportunity of patent for their creative talent.

He appreciated the inventions presented by different teams pertaining to various teaching departments of the KU and also promised to help the participating students of the competition to get them patents for their innovations.

In her welcome speech, Director ORIC Dr Aalia Rehman said that the KU’s students had massive creative potential that would enable them to produce numerous innovations related to different academic and research fields. She said that all the KU’s students required in this regard was right kind of guidance, opportunities, and exposure related to their respective fields of study and research.

She also shed light on the progress and achievement of her office at the KU. She also congratulated the organizers of the event for conducting a successful competition of creative talent among the KU’s students.

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