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Gusty winds create problems for berthed ships

April 15, 2019

Karachi:A Karachi Port Trust (KPT) release said on Monday the gusting wind of 45-50 Knots was confronted by the ships berthed at KPT.

Impact of sudden high speed winds was so severe that berthing hawsers of various ships secured at Fixed Mooring and South Wharf got parted.

However, timely response by KPT Pilots and Tugs averted the situation which could have resulted in a major disaster. To name a few, MV HYUNDAI MERCURY berthed at South Wharf, had all its stern ropes parted but ship managed to hold on to its head ropes and anchor till the arrival of KPT Tugs and Pilots. Immediate actions by Master of the ship, Capt. Deliu Valentin, were highly professional in prevailing situation, which saved the ship from danger of groundings.

On the parallel, timely and speedy response by KPT Pilots and Tugs helped substantially in controlling the situation and bringing back the ship to berth safely. Another ship M.V. MISKI moored at harbour was also timely assisted by tug boats which helped in securing back to its position.

It was the alertness of Crisis Management Centre and timely professional response of KPT Pilots and Tugs, which prevented a disaster happening at KPT.

Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi was kept informed about the situation continuously by Chairman KPT. He highly appreciated the response generated by KPT Management Team for an effective response and preventing any accident in the KPT.

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