Tuesday, February 7

Hajj: (Apps introduced for Pakistani Hajj pilgrims)

ISLAMABAD:Ministry of Religious Affairs has introduced various Apps to help pilgrims’ during the Hajj and their stay in Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry has asked the intending pilgrims to use android phone applications to get Hajj related information and guidelines to perform religious obligation with ease and comfort.

The Ministry said Mina Locator App helps identifying user’s residence and Mina Maktab, the route to different camps (Maktabs), train stations, mosques, hospitals and other important locations in Mina with the reference of his or her current location.

Likewise, AlMaqsad App is a comprehensive 3D indoor navigation for Masjid Al Haram. PakHajj Muavin App is an application to find Haji’s own information, group information, building and maktab information, travel details, information about other hajis as well.

Rehnuma-e-Hajj App helps educate and facilitate Hajj pilgrims in performing Manasik-e-Hajj.

It is in Urdu and the application has a simple to use interface with information readily accessible.

Pak Hajj Guide App provides information about Hajj preparation, how to perform Umrah and Hajj, Ziarat Madinah and what to remember etc.