Hakra Bund is being strengthened: SHC told


LARKANA: The Executive Engineer (XEN), Northern Dadu Canal Division, Larkana, admitted in the comments filed before the Sindh High Court Circuit Court, Larkana, here on Wednesday that Indus River is changing its course but he denied that it would be devastating.

The petitioner Wazir Ali Hulio through his advocate Irshad Ali Chandio had filed the constitutional petition against Chief Engineer, Sukkur Barrage Right Bank Region, Larkana and others for strengthening Hakra Bund and other works to save world heritage site of Mohenjo Daro and other nearby villages.

The XEN said rivers like Indus River are changing its course due to their alluvial behavior, which is natural but the situation is under control by the flood preparedness works which were carried out on war footing basis by widening of bank from 20 to 40 ft. and stacking of stone boulders.

He added that flood fighting works were also carried out in 2016 which include construction of stone studs & providing 20 ft. cover of stone boulders to the earthen embankments The XEN further submitted in the court that Indus River is flowing adjacent/base of the Larkana-Sehwan embankment at Hakra point but he denied that the erosion is about 20 ft. in width and one & half kilometers in length whereas he added the erosion is in three furlongs only from mile 16/4 to 16/7 LS bund.

The XEN further stated that proposal of providing stone apron and stone pitching along LS Bund mile 16/0 to 17/0 and construction of T-Head spurs at LS Bund (Hakra point has been scrutinized by the technical committee of Irrigation Department, Hyderabad, and submitted to Irrigation Secretary on 02.5.2017 for further process adding as soon as the scheme is approved by P&D Department the work will be carried out for diverting the river course away from Hakra ferry point. He further said that respondents are well aware of the dangerous condition of Hakra point because they have submitted IHC proposal for providing stone apron & stone pitching, earth work along LS Bund which was approved in the 177th Indus River Commission full committee meeting held on September 30, 2015 but unfortunately due to meager allocation of funds for Sindh, the scheme is still not considered.

The XEN submitted that the proposed work for diverting the river course away from the bund will be done before ensuing of upcoming flood season. The hearing was put off to May 17, 2017.

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