Wednesday, December 7

Haleem calls for imposing rain emergency in Sindh

KARACHI: Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh said on Thursday that emergency should be declared in view of torrential rains in Sindh’s cities, including Karachi.

In view of the advance alert by the Pakistan Meteorological Department, control rooms should be set up to tackle expected cyclone and rains while full information should be provided to the public, he said in a statement. Haleem said that the Sindh government should take immediate steps to deal with the expected flood situation.

He said that PDMA of Sindh government was inactive, so high level government relief committees should be formed at tehsil level to tackle heavy rains. “The people had to suffer a lot due to the negligence of the Sindh government in the areas affected by heavy rains last year. Last year, crores of funds were embezzled in the name of relief,” he alleged.

He said that the system was in disarray after torrential rains in different cities of Sindh as the provincial government agencies could not take measures despite prior rain forecast. “The people are in trouble due to heavy rains. Sindh government institutions do not care about the people. Emergency should be declared in the affected areas immediately and relief work should be provided. We are with the people of Sindh in this difficult time. PTI office-bearers and workers would take part in immediate relief activities in the affected areas,” he concluded.