HEALTH: 2706 patients died in CHK during 2017

By PPI News Agency Jan6,2018

KARACHI: An annual report has revealed that 2,706 patients died during treatment in 45 departments of Civil Hospital Karachi during 2017, showing a dismal performance.

At least 690,412 patients were brought to all emergencies of Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) in 2017 as compared to 563,749 in 2016, it was learnt by PPI.

The annual statistics released by the CHK show that last year, almost 25 per cent more patients were brought to Emergencies Department as compared to 2016. There are five emergencies in the hospital, including A&E Department, Burns Emergency, Gynae/Obs Emergency, Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Care Emergency where 690,412 patients were brought for treatment.

Around 401,119 were brought to A&E Department, 3,500 dealt to Burns Emergency, 31,081 to Gynae/Obs Emergency, 144,455 children to Pediatric Emergency and 110, 257 to Trauma Centre Emergency, respectively.

However, around 1,604,522 patients visited the OPD of the CHK last year in comparison with 1,479,373 who visited in 2016.

The statistics further showed that 81,592 patients got admissions in 45 departments of the hospital in 2017 as compared to 79,811 admissions recorded in 2016. A total of 12,786 deliveries in Gynecology Department were carried out in the hospital in 2017. The statistics revealed that 2,706 deaths occurred in 45 departments of the CHK last year. The majority of deaths were recorded in Burns Center, which were 402.

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