HK opens isolation ward to treat swine flu cases

KARACHI: A six-bedded isolation ward was established in Dr Ruth KM Pfau, Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) for treatment of suspected swine flu (H1N1) patients and kits are being purchased to diagnose such cases.

The six-bed isolation word comprised on three male and three female and this decision has been taken after reporting of over two dozen swine flu cases in private sector hospital. The kits are also being purchased to diagnose seasonal influenza cases in the hospital.

Medical superintendent CHK Dr Muhammad Taufiq said an isolation word has already been set up in the institution for treatment swine flu cases.

He said kits to diagnose H1N1 virus and other types of seasonal influenza are being purchased to investigate suspected influenza cases.

However, the Executive Director, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, Dr Seemin Jamali, said protective masks have been purchased for doctors, nurses and paramedical staff to deal the suspected seasonal influenza cases.

She said seasonal influenza is a viral disease and it could spread from one person to other. She said precautionary measures should be taken by the general public to avoid complications of this viral disease.

She advised the citizens to take fresh, healthy and balanced diet; use tissue papers to clean nose, do not hug or shake hands with others and do not share your glasses, plates, cups, spoons, towels, mobile phones, etc., if you are suffering from cold or flu.

She explained that H1N1, known commonly as swine flu, is a contagious disease which spreads through droplets of the infected individuals when they sneeze or cough without covering the mouth or nose. Anyone nearby can get infected when they inhale these droplets.

She said people with weak immune system generally become victims of swine flu or H1N1; therefore, preventive strict measures are needed to save citizens from this deadly disease.

When contacted, Medical Superintendent Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Dr Muhammad Anwer said the ASH administration is fully ready to deal any medical emergency like situation in the city.

He said no suspected swine flu or H1N1 was reported in their hospital so far.

The swine flu or H1N1 is a deadly disease and around two dozen people have already died and 120 others affected from this disease in South Punjab.

This disease is caused by influenza virus. Fever, sour throat, flu, head ache, body ache, cough, and upper respiratory tract infections are the symptoms of this disease.