Saturday, November 26

HR Ministry holds workshop on laws related to child abuse

Quetta: Ministry of Human Rights held an awareness-raising and sensitization workshop on laws related to ‘Child Abuse’ and ‘Transgender Persons’ for Quetta police at Police Lines Academy in Quetta on Wednesday.

Twenty police representatives from different offices of Baluchistan police participated in this workshop. Addressing the occasion, the Regional Director Quetta, Ministry of Human Rights, Daniyal Sarwar Khan said: ‘Ministry of Human Right’s commitment to ensure the protection of Human Rights especially the rights of Children, Women and Transgender Persons – is in line with Pakistan’s constitutional and international obligations. “Apart from introducing landmark legislation, Ministry of Human Rights is also playing its role in capacity building and awareness-raising of relevant stakeholders with respect to these laws so that Human Rights violations can be prevented”, he said. It is intolerable that in the year 2021, Children and Transgender persons still have to live in an unsafe and exploitative environment and frequently face abuse.”

Encouraging the efforts of the Ministry of Human Rights for arranging this workshop, Sajjad Haider Tareen, AIG Baluchistan Police in his welcome note said that Human Rights laws are given priority in western countries whereas in Pakistan there is lack of awareness regarding Human Rights laws and Police only knows about legal provisions within CRPC and PPC.

He further said that upon the directions of IG Balochistan, all the officers of Balochistan Police have installed the PCP app in their mobile phones already. He also told the participants that their learning from this workshop should have a trickle-down effect as all police representatives need to have the knowledge of laws and Human Rights as frontline workers.

The workshop focused on two main legislations i.e. Zainab Alert Response and Recovery Act 2020, and Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2018. The participants were also informed about Government’s Redressal Mechanism that is in place in Baluchistan (Quetta), especially Regional Directorate of Human Rights in Quetta, that provides referral to the survivors of Human Rights violations in Baluchistan.