HRCP demands fair treatment of visually impaired persons


LAHORE: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has called on the federal and provincial governments to meet the legitimate demands of the visually impaired protestors who have been staging a sit-in at Kalma Chowk in Lahore for several days.

The protestors have demanded that the authorities pay greater heed to the labor rights of persons with special needs. This includes regularizing the services of visually impaired persons working on daily wages and creating better employment opportunities for them, including a job quota.

In a statement issued today, HRCP has said that ‘it is the duty of all governments who call themselves “civilized” to protect the rights of vulnerable persons and ensure that, as far as possible, their access to employment, fair wages and decent working conditions remains unhampered by their impairment. The fact that the protestors at Kalma Chowk have already been there a week reflects poorly on the state’s attitude toward persons with special needs.’

The protestors also allege that many visually impaired daily-wage laborers employed in different government departments have not been paid for several months, while the vacancies that are available for persons with special needs have not been filled. HRCP urges the state to redress these grievances swiftly.