HRCP mourns demise of Qamar Zafar Chaudhry’s wife


KARACHI: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Monday mourned the demise of Qamar Zafar A Chaudhry’s wife.

Chaudhry’s wife always took considerable interest in the activities of the Commission, in particular in matters related to the freedom of thought and the rights of women, HRCP said in a statement.

Her protracted illness had prevented her from taking active part in HRCP’s activities in the last few years, but whenever she attended the monthly members’ meetings of the Commission in Lahore, her voice commanded respect.

HRCP owes a debt of gratitude to her, apart from the support she lent to her husband Air Marshal Zafar A. Chaudhry’s sterling contribution to the commission from the day of its inception to the present date. HRCP office-bearers and staff extended their deepest condolences to Air Marshal Zafar A. Chaudhry and their children.

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