Hyderabad citizens getting unsafe water

Hyderabad: Despite action and order of the Water Commission, the citizens of Hyderabad are still getting contaminated and foul smelling water, which is spreading diseases including antibiotic- resistance typhoid, said Jamaat e Islami (JI) Hyderabad district amir Hafiz Tahir Majeed.

He said the WASA has been supplying gutter-mixed water to the citizens. It is muddy in color and foul smelling which shows that it is being supplied without prior filtration and chlorination. He said the Phuleli Canal has been turned into a big sewerage Nullah, but the administration has failed to stop the release of sewerage water into the canal. He said illegal encroachments on the banks of this canal are yet to be removed.

He said the underground water of Hyderabad is also unsafe due to high content of arsenic. He said only rich people could afford buying bottled water, which low income and poor people are content to drink the gutter-mixed water.

He said many localities of the city including Latifabad brave eight hours a day load shedding which is a cruelty in this very hot weather. He said the load shedding has also affected proper sewerage disposal as sewerage pumping stations do not work during load shedding spells.

He said the sitting rulers are not concerned about the plights of the citizens of Hyderabad. He appealed to the Water Commission to take notice of the dismal situation and send corrupt and inefficient officers to jail so that the mighty bureaucracy may take care of the problems of poor people of the second largest city of Sindh province.