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ILM sees no major breakthrough against in near future

Karachi: Islamic Lawyers Movement (ILM) has said that there are slim chances of any major breakthrough against corruption mafia of this country in near future; saving the masses reject the corrupt politicians with power of their vote.

ILM Karachi Division President Advocate Abdul Samad Khattak said the logical conclusion of the Panama Leaks issue now depends on the report of the Joint Investigation Commission (JIT) and it would take its due course. He said the split decision has showed that two senior judges were in favour of de-notifying the prime minister.

He suggested that the prime minister should tender resignation. He said in the civilized countries, politicians when facing serious allegations immediately tender their resignations; however, this moral courage is still largely awaited in Pakistan, where the ruling politicians want to cling to their chairs at any cost. He said sadly in our country, politics has been made a lucrative business and many greedy people have entered the arena to reap huge profits.

ILM leader said the only hope for this country is that the Pakistani people play their due role and reject all corrupt and crooked elements in the coming election, so that this country could be put on the path of progress and prosperity. He said all stakeholders should play their role to ensure uphold of law and constitutions and safeguard of the basic rights of downtrodden people of Pakistan.

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