India’s opposition cannot affect CPEC:

KARACHI: India has increased conspiracies and opposition to Pakistan after the launch of CPEC. New Delhi thinks that the CPEC passing through Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir challenges Indian sovereignty which is not based on facts.

“India has not only destabilised the whole region but it is also behind frequent tensions in Pak-Afghan relations which have badly damaged the bilateral trade hitting millions of people,” said Patron Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders Shahid Rasheed Butt in a statement issued on Sunday.

He said India’s negative attitude had not only destabilised the strategic stability but it had also kept billions below the poverty line in the region. “It is not only the military establishment of India but their political elite also considers Pakistan as a rival and leave no opportunity to destabilise our country.”

Butt said India should not link politics with economy resulting in deprivation of billions of people living in the SAARC region. He said: “Both nuclear states of India and Pakistan must realise that war is not an option and prosperity through trade is the only way to end hostilities and bring the people closer.”