ISPR: (Indiscriminate action taken against terrorists: ISPR)

ISLAMABAD: Director-General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor says notwithstanding any temporary domestic differences, the entire nation is one when it comes to the security of the motherland.

During a news briefing in Rawalpindi on Monday, he referred to Indian claims of unilateral action against Pakistan and said the armed forces are fully prepared to meet any eventuality.

He said the armed forces want just support and solidarity of the nation to thwart any designs against the country. He said the armed forces of Pakistan have been and continue to work with friends but they would never compromise on prestige and integrity of the country.

He said Pakistan’s security would be ensured at all costs.

He said that through Zarb-e-Azb, we have indiscriminately wiped out all safe havens of terrorism across Pakistan, including FATA. He said that now no organized structure of any terrorist organization exists in Pakistan.

He said that we have taken indiscriminate action against terrorists of all hues and colors, including Haqqani Network. He rejected the unfounded claims of the United States and Afghanistan regarding presence of any terrorist safe haven in Pakistan.

He said if there are any facilitators and abettors inside Pakistan that can only be addressed if 2.7 million Afghan refugees still living in Pakistan are sent back.

Responding to recent threats emanating from the United States regarding unilateral actions inside Pakistan, Asif Ghafoor said that Islamabad has fought twice an imposed and imported war inside Pakistan.

He said we have paid huge price both in terms of blood and treasure and we have done enough and we cannot do anymore for anyone.

The DG ISPR said we do not fight for money and the aid we get through Coalition Support Fund as its title suggests that it the money meant for coalition.

He further said that whatever money we get was the reimbursement that we spent to support the coalition inside Afghanistan.

He said that India does not want Pakistan to focus on the war against terrorism and is continuously diverting its attention on its eastern border.

He said that 52 civilian were martyred and 254 others injured in the ceasefire violations on the Line of Control by India. He said that India makes false propaganda for the satisfaction of its domestic audience.

He said that India is doing all this to suppress the indigenous and just struggle of the people of Kashmir, however, our moral, political, and diplomatic support will continue to our Kashmiri brethren for their just struggle of independence.