IVS inaugurates Agha Hasan Abedi Computer Lab

KARACHI: The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) on Tuesday inaugurated its Agha Hasan Abedi Computer Lab for students, which was initially established in 2010.

The newly refurbished lab was formally opened by Noorjehan Bilgrami who is one of the founding members of the IVS. She was the first Executive Director of the School and a former Chairperson, IVS Board of Governors.

Executive Director Samina Khan on behalf of the Founders of IVS the Board of Governors and the faculty and staff thanked Mehkari for the financial contribution made by the Imdad Foundation to augment the school’s resources for this project as it has in the past for providing scholarships and instituting the Agha Hasan Abedi Award both in Architecture and in Communication Design.

She said the school is revamping its resources as part of its Vision 2025, aims at to make IVS a leading institution of Art and Design education through research and innovation.

Speaking as a guest of honor Mrs. Bilgrami said literally with no resources, neither land nor money to build the infrastructure, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture was founded, although this was due to the vision, energy, and determination of a small nucleus of people. It could not have succeeded without the incredible, unconditional support of the community who believed in the group’s ability to make a change.

Completely upgraded the lab has been designed by the School’s faculty member Assistant Professor Sami Chohan who is the Acting Head of the Department of Architecture. The lab has been completed with a generous grant of Rs.3million from Imdad Foundation which is associated NGO of the Infaq Foundation.

M. R Mehkari Chief Executive of Imdad Foundation and member of the Governing Board and the programme officer Sohail Ayub of Infaq Foundation were present on this occasion.

He described how both the Foundations are contributing for health and education services in Karachi.

The newly revamped computer lab with new design, furniture and latest 47 core 7, 7th generation branded computers, 4 new 24/7 servers, firewall for internet and security and also Wi-Fi system have been upgraded, is now fully functional.