Jamil Yousuf visits APNS House

KARACHI: Jamil Yousuf, Caretaker, Information Minister, Sindh assured the All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) to revamp the advertisement distribution policy and payment system in order to ensure transparency in the Sindh Information Department.

The Sindh Information Minister visited the APNS House on the request of the President, APNS, Hameed Haroon wherein Kazi Shahid Pervez, Secretary Information, Zulfiqar Shah, Director Advertisement and Zeenat Jehan, Director Press were also present.

The minister addressed the members of Sindh Committee of APNS on matters relating to flaws in the advertisement distribution policy and issues relating to long overdue payments of publications and accredited advertising agencies.

The minister stated that though, he got a very short time as a caretaker minister but he earnestly intends to review the Ad Distribution Policy and payment system being practiced in the Department. He stated that he is also aware of malpractices rampant in the department and is taking steps to weed out such corrupt practices.

He sought cooperation of APNS in his endeavours to formulate a transparent and judicious advertisements distribution policy and evolve a mechanism of timely payments. He also assured the APNS that its demand to strictly adhere to regional press quota will be implemented in letter and spirit and henceforth, no advertisement would be released to publications other than regional press from the quota. He also agreed to the importance of regional language press in the province and assured to support the regional language newspapers in release of provincial advertisements.

Haroon thanked Jamil Yousuf for his visit to APNS House and eulogized his services as a social activist for the people of Sindh. The Senior Vice President, Kazi Asad Abid; Secretary General, Sarmad Ali; Chairman, Sindh Committee, Javed Mehr Shamsi and other members of the Sindh Committee also spoke and apprised the minister on the problems faced by member publications based in Sindh.