JI Amir condemns conviction of Akhwan leaders in Egypt


LAHORE:Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Siraj ul Haq, has strongly condemned the conviction of Akhwanul Muslimoon leaders and workers by what he dubbed a so-called court in Egypt and said that the silence of the Pakistan government and the media on this issue was surprising.

In a statement here, he called upon the government to demand from the Egyptian rulers to review these convictions and immediately release Dr Mursi. He said that Egypt was an important country of the Muslim world and the grave injustice being done there was having devastating effects on the Egypt and its people.

The JI chief said that in the beginning, the elected government of Dr Mursi was unlawfully and immorally toppled by the army after which thousands of Akhwanul Muslimoon leaders and workers were jailed for lodging protest over the military coup against Dr Mursi. He said that on Sept. 9, a so called Egyptian court had pronounced death sentence against 75 persons besides life term to 74 others. He said that the UN and Amnesty International had condemned these trials as unjust and a murder of justice.

Stating that the Pakistan government’s silence over these judicial murders was most surprising, the JI chief said it was the moral responsibility of the government to raise its voice against this grave injustice. He said the Egyptian government planned to convict more than seven hundred people in this case but the Pakistan media was completely silent.

Sirajul Haq said it was surprising that the human rights associations and rights bodies raise hue and cry over for the rights of animals, even birds, but their tongues were gagged on the oppression against the Muslims. He said that the Muslims were undergoing tyranny in Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar and several other parts of the world but there was no protest over that from any quarter.