JI condemns target killing of police men and polio workers

QUETTA: Jamaat Islami condemning killing and injury to policemen and target killing of polio workers in provincial capital Thursday said that government has failed in securing life and property of its people. Killing of law enforcement agencies officials, murder of women polio workers of is clear proof that government failure. Start of killing in Balochistan is matter of grave concern. Government should make since efforts for arrest of killers. Jamaat Islami is against every excess and with suppressed. Murder of innocent policemen and female polio workers is murder of humanity.

Jamaat Islami added that making Balochistan scene of murder is conspiracy. Rulers were busy in distribution of ministries and employment, sifarish and nepotism and no one takes care of people. Those entangling Quetta and Balochistan in dangers are enemies of people. Spread hate and ethnicity is excess with the people of province. Spreading hate, prejudice and ethnicity is excess with the people of the province. Government should ensure security to life and property of people and law enforcement agencies officials. Government could not provide constitutional and economic rights to the people it should at least restore law and order. People are deprived of basic human rights till today.

Jamaat Islami desire such a system in the country in which poor and rich have balanced opportunity for peace, progress and prosperity where as people of Balochistan are deprived of basic human rights and security to their life and property. Jamaat Islami mission is to provide economic and constitutional rights, employment, education and health to the people.