Kahsmir Day rallies in Larkana

LARKANA:To express solidarity with the people of Kashmir, the workers of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) took out separate rallies here on Monday which marched on various roads and terminated at Jinnah Bagh roundabout.

While addressing the participants, the leaders of PTI said that people of Kashmir have been braving atrocities of the Indian occupation forces for last 70 years during which thousands of Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives. They said that the day is not far away now when the Kashmiris will see the freedom of their occupied land.

They said that the PTI will continue to support their cause, adding we condemn the barbaric attitude and brutalities of the Indian occupation forces on peaceful Kashmir citizens.

They said we also condemn the constant silence of the United Nations on the Kashmir Issue and demand that Indian occupation forces must be removed from the held Kashmir and the Kashmiri people must be allowed to exercise their right of plebiscite.

They also demanded that a thorough probe by international experts be initiated into the use of chemical weapons and pallet guns in the held Kashmir by Indian occupation army.

Irshad Junejo, Akhtiar Khan Bhutto, Serai Muhmmad Saleh Lakho, Ayaz Bhaghat, Javed Mangi, Shahid Rind and others participated in the rally.

However, the JI leaders, addressing their rally, said that Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan. They said Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir.

Advocate Mohammad Ashiq Dharah, Naib Amir JI Larkana District, asked the rulers to use all available resources to help Kashmiris getting freedom.

He said that the UN is a functional body for other nations, but it is a dead entity when it is the matter of the human rights of the oppressed Muslim people.

He regretted that the UN has done nothing as yet for the oppressed and suppressed people of Kashmir who are braving inhuman treatment meted to them Indian occupation army to crush their long struggle for self-determination.

Hafeez-ur-Rahman Arain, Abdul Hameed Mughal and others also spoke.

Separately, the district administration also observed the Kashmir Day by holding a Wanjh Watti game at Khuhro Sports Complex.