Karachi braves hottest day of season


Karachi: Megacity Karachi braved the hottest day of the season so far on Wednesday with mercury soaring at 45 degrees centigrade. Extreme heat coupled with tormenting electricity load shedding of the Karachi Electric (KE) made life miserable for the citizens.

The temperature began to rise in morning and at 2:00pm it reached its peak. All roads and streets offered deserted look and people opted to remain indoors. Electricity load shedding, a perpetual cruse of Karachi, continued even on the hottest day, creating immense problems for people. Electricity load shedding also resulted in severe water crisis in many localities.

The administration had alerted hospitals in the wake of this heat wave. Different organizations and individuals set up water camps on streets, where cold water was made available.

Citizens regretted that the successive governments had failed to make the megacity green by adopting urban forestry methods. They also demanded to take action against the KE and ensure dependable supply of electricity to the mega port city.