Karachi goes without viral laboratory

Karachi: The cases of viral infection including seasonal flu are rising in Karachi like other parts of the country, but the mega city still goes without a proper virology laboratory in the government sector.

Viral diseases are a big challenge to the healthcare sector and unless government provides proper viral laboratory facilities, poor and low income people cannot get prompt and correct medical treatment in case they are hit by the viral ailments.

Government is spending huge funds on civic infrastructure like roads, bridges and railway systems but the important healthcare sector is not getting sufficient attention and funding to augment healthcare delivery sector in public sector.

Mostly, the samples of viral suspected cases are sent to National Institute of Health Islamabad or a few very costly private lab facilities. To save time and cost, it is direly needed that the federal and provincial governments join hands to open a world-class virology laboratory on priority basis.

Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) leader DrQaiserSajjad says the PMA has been demanding for long to set up modern virology testing facilities in Karachi and other major cities. He regretted that the ratio of health funding in budget is very low and it should be increased in the larger interest of citizens.