Karachiites not happy with KE performance


Karachi: Despite passage of two days the Karachi Electric (KE) has failed to fully restore electricity supply to some localities of the city, creating immense hardships for citizens.

Different localities including Goths of Gulzar e Hijri, Scheme 33 are without electricity for past 36 hours. Affected citizens have strongly protested and some protestors gathered in front of the KE office at Madras Chowk and raised slogans against the KE. They demanded to restore the electricity supply to their congested residential localities.

Prolonged power outages have also created acute shortage of water in the affected areas. However, the federal and provincial governments, as well as, the NEPRA have yet failed to take notice of the plights of the electricity consumers of Karachi and compel the KE to increase its own production instead of selling cheap electricity obtained from the national grid on higher rates to the Karachiites. The consumers have bitterly criticized the dismal performance of the KE and termed it as negligence of duty. They asked the KE to increase its technical and manpower capability of repairing major and minor faults especially in the residential areas.

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