Karachi: The Centre for Peace, Security and Developmental Studies (CPSD) hosted a seminar on the Kashmir issue titled “The Kashmir Cause-Socio Economic Projections”.

The proceedings included two sessions and were chaired by Ambassador (r) Najmuddin Shaikh and Ambassador (r) Arif Kamal, respectively. Participants at the event included members of the academia, experts and policy practitioners, as well as, members of civil society, businessmen, lawyers and media.

In his opening remarks Lt Gen Agha Muhammad Umer Farooq (Retd) opined that issues of Peace and Conflicts were evolving the world over. The new phenomenon of fifth generation warfare and Hybrid war alongside their different tactics were redefining states across the globe. The Kashmir issue is one such issues, which has been deeply impacted by the changing global scenario hence there was a stark need to approach the issue from a new angle that would lead in the socio economic empowerment of the Kashmiri people.

Ambassador (r) Najmuddin Shaikh while talking on the subject of “Kashmir Cause: Changing World Order and Emerging Opportunities & Challenges” stated that there was an abysmal situation in India-held Kashmir. India has been able to sell the perception of Kashmir through the prism of terrorism to evade global condemnation.

The Kashmir dispute is lingering as there is no international pressure on India to resume dialogue. There is a need for Pakistan to renew its diplomatic initiative to bring a swift conclusion to the dispute.

He was followed by a short interactive session that revolved around the weakness of the Pakistani government on the international arena. The interactive discussion was succeeded by the second session.

The second session was opened by AJK Minister for Sports, Youth and Culture, Mangla Dam Affairs & MDA.

He spoke on the topic of “Creating Socio-Economic incentives and Opportunities: Expected Role by Philanthropists”.

He first elaborated on the topic by discussing that investors had a major role to play in the uplift of AJK. He stressed that while services were the largest sector of the Kashmiri economy there were many large opportunities for investments in mining and tourism as well.

He also said that CPEC would be beneficial for Kashmiris on both sides of the LoC.

The second speaker was Ambassador (r) Arif Kamal who discussed “Social and Demographic Engineering in Kashmir”. He explored the demographic history of Kashmir, subsequent changes and their consequences. He stressed that Indian attempts to change demographics were an attempt to conqueror the Kashmiri people.

The ambassador was followed by a twenty minutes discussion. The debate was very lively with all the participants indulging in intellectual discussion. Participants stressed on the fact that while there was much discussion on the human rights situation in Kashmir, there was almost none on the economic situation.

The seminar concluded with a Vote of thanks from the President CPSD, says a release.

Chairman CPSD Habibullah Dadabhoy stated that CPSD will continue such seminars in order to highlight the Kashmir cause throughout the world.