KE committed to enhancing service level


KARACHI: K-Electric on Friday reiterated its resolve that investment and upgradation of power infrastructure during the last few years had enabled the power utility to exempt over 63% of Karachi including all industrial zones and strategic installations from load-shed.

Remaining parts of the city have been divided into three categories and duration of load-shed is also fixed at three hours, six hours and 7.5 hours in accordance with respective transmission and distribution losses of each area. KE also categorically denied reports of unscheduled or excessive load-shed and requested that localized outages due to fault, theft and kunda-related issues should not be portrayed as load-shed.

The power utility is committed to curb power theft and illegal abstraction; a key testament to the fact is the considerable reduction of transmission and distribution losses over the years. It is pertinent to note that in past one year alone, with upgradation of power infrastructure and drive against power theft, 50 high loss feeders have been exempted from load-shed.

KE humbly requests all stakeholders to continue playing a positive role to facilitate capital intensive projects of KE for the betterment and improvement of Karachi and the country in a holistic manner. The power utility remains committed to powering Karachi and its adjoining areas while enhancing the level of services for its customers.