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Khuhro denounces Khan’s bid to weaken provinces

April 14, 2019

LARKANA:PPP Sindh President Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said Sunday that due to massive price hike, people have fed up with Imran Khan government after which it should not stay in power anymore; otherwise “Go Imran Go” slogans will be chanted in all four provinces.

Khuhro was talking to newsmen here. He said prime minister had no worry about constitution, provinces and the masses, adding: “Imran Khan is the Yar of Modi and Modi’s Yar cannot be loyal to Pakistan.”

Khuhro said: “Amnesty scheme is being brought by the federal government to turn black money of Shoukat Khanum, two sisters of Imran Khan, Aleema Baji and Saeeda Niazi, Jahangir Tareen and others into white money.”

He said: “Tabdeeli Sarkar is not working on policy of elimination of poverty but wiping out poor. He said country’s economic policy was based on economic murder of the people and interior policy was based on victimization. He said efforts are being made to bring presidential form of government, adding it seemed that President Arif Alvi was trying to strengthen himself by ousting his own prime minister. He said Imran Khan had destroyed country’s economy.

Khuhro said that vexing constitution would amount to treachery and would be treated under Article 6. He said PTI government was now running behind 18th Amendment, and intended to strengthen Center and weaken provinces by hiding its failure. He said the federal government had now eyes on cutting NFC award and resources of the provinces, but PPP would not allow such things to happen. He said: “If provinces are strengthened, then Center is strengthened. U-Turn government wants to strengthen Center and weakening provinces.

Khuhro said PTI had shifted bogus MQM mandate of Karachi to itself and that was why MQM was expressing anger against Sindh and its government, adding MQM would not be able to get anything from the Center. He said police reforms were being brought to maintain check and balance between government and policing.

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