Thursday, December 8

Khuhro sees conspiracy behind his disqualification

LARKANA:PPP Provincial Chief Nisar Ahmed Khuhro said Saturday that conspiracy was being hatched to keep him away from the upcoming general elections and some of his opponents were being used as chessman but such conspiracies would never succeed.

This he said while addressing a corner meeting in UC-2 here today. He said Nida Khuhro, his daughter, contesting election after his disqualification, would defeat their opponents. Khuhro said instead of using such tactics, his opponents should come out and face him in the election. “Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) means “Goli, Danda Ittehad which has been made with those who wanted to break Sindh,” he said.

The PPP Sindh chief said those who had left PPP were showing eyes now to the party. “If they are given ministries and five seats, then PPP is okay; otherwise it is bad. Those who were not seeing each-other’s faces are now gathered against the PPP in the form of GDA but after their defeat in the upcoming elections, they will never meet again,” Khuhro said.

He said kitchen cabinet of GDA was facing disputes and soon their drop-scene would come out. He asserted: “Every voter should cast its vote in the upcoming elections because it is their fundamental right and if they do not use their basic right, then benefit will be taken by undemocratic forces.”