Saturday, December 3

Khuhro vows struggle against price hike

KARACHI: Sindh PPP Chief Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has vowed to continue struggle against record price hike, joblessness, increase in POL prices and injustices with Sindh.

This he announced at a press conference held at Larkana Press Club here on Friday. Khuhro said the country could not be run by inexperienced rulers, hence, Imran Khan should quit. He termed increase in petroleum prices as economic terrorism, adding such decision would push the country into chaos. He said people in the country demanded that the government running on IMF dictation should be gotten rid of immediately.

Khuhro said after every 15 days, petroleum prices were raised by the government and its ministers were claiming that the country’s economy was progressing whereas the PTI government was being run on IMF dictation, but the IMF agreement was not presented in the parliament because, he added, government had accepted the condition of the IMF to bring dollar between Rs175-180 and State Bank had also failed to control the devaluation of rupee.

In reply to a question, Khuhro said after the 18th amendment, NAB Chairman and Chief Election Commissioner could be appointed in consultation with the opposition leader and if both did not agree on a name then the Supreme Court could be approached for decision. He said the government intends to run NAB on adhocism. Khuhro said that the opposition leader has not been disqualified hence he should be consulted.

Khuhro said that 70% of the country’s population belongs to farmers and growers who are facing trauma due to water scarcity. He said the rice crop was yet to be harvested and in some areas, it had not been grown due to lack of agricultural water.

He said the government had obtained a loan of $27 billion in six to eight months. The PPP leader said people’s blood had been sucked to fill the pockets of the rulers. He said the government had claimed that tax recovery of FBR was better and if it was so then why the petroleum prices had been increased.