KU joint action committee rejects amendment bill

KARACHI:    A meeting was convened yesterday presided by Convener Joint Action Committee Prof. Dr. Shah Ali ul Qadar in which students’ organizations and employees’ association of Karachi University (KU) participated.

The members out rightly rejected the Universities Amendment Bill 2018 and it was decided that no compromise will be made in autonomous status of the varsities.

The assurances of CM Sindh and Chairman Sindh HEC Dr. Asim Hussain were also rejected and it was decided that the protest will continue till the withdrawal of the bill. Members demanded to restore the 1972 Universities Act in its true spirit, elections of students’ union and representation of employees and students in University’s Syndicate. It was also demanded to issue grant to KU.

It was also decided to inform the renowned academic personalities and civil society of the city regarding the consequences of the bill.