KU students to gets cards before classes begin

KARACHI:  A Karachi University spokesperson said that all students who are granted admissions in open merit and test-based categories in morning program,  will be provided their students’ identity and enrolment cards before the commencement of their classes.

Earlier, the students used to receive their students’ card and enrolment card in their second year due to which they had to face difficulties.

VC Dr. Ajmal Khan took personal interest to resolve this issue and now this issue has been resolved in the greater interest of students.

This has been done due to the implementation of online system. Students have been informed about the information regarding the collection of their cards.

Moreover, a special security feature i.e. QR code has also been introduced in students ID cards and enrolment cards to avoid fake cards.

About 1000 students were handed over their students’ and enrolment cards yesterday in the first phase.