KU VC urges steps to defeat corruption at all levels

KARACHI: Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi (KU) Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ajmal Khan along with the Registrar Dr. Munawwar Rasheed participated in the general body meeting of Peoples United Employees to express their support to the employees of the varsity. He was warmly welcomed by the employees.

He addressed the employees and said that employees are the backbone of any institution. Institutions can’t be run without employees; they are the ones who guarantee the progress of the organization with their skills and hard work. Those institutions that don’t provide adequate facilities to their employees always go down. Institution’s progress is conditional with transparency, merit and efficiency.

Corruption is the greatest menace for any institution which ruins the basis of any organization. We need to defeat corruption together at all levels. VC added that he came himself to hear the problems of the employees, their all fair problems will not only be listened but will be resolved.

“I am available for each and every employee of the varsity for their issues and commit to provide them adequate facilities. KU employees belong to civilized and educated class, we all must play our role for KU’s progress, and I can’t compromise on the quality of education. I will look into every demand and will take timely decision in accordance with the rules and regulations of the varsity. All those problems, I inherited as the VC, are being looked in by me and will be resolved at the earliest”

He asked for the support of the employees and asked them to perform their duties as national duties. President Peoples United Group Zahid Hussain said: “We must avoid politics and work for the welfare of the varsity. We must not complicate issues rather solve them by negotiations and table talk. He extended support from him and his cabinet to the university administration.